Mr. Music, Inc. is a full line musical instrument store located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our specialty is band and orchestral instrument sales, rentals, and service. In 1969 Mr. Music became the first musical instrument store in the state of Indiana to carry the Yamaha band instrument line, and we are the only locally owned authorized Yamaha band instrument dealer in Fort Wayne. We also carry a large inventory of orchestral instruments and accessories. Whether it is a violin or upright bass, we have nearly every size in stock and the accessories to go with them.

Of course, selling an instrument is only half of what we do. Servicing what we sell is top priority at Mr. Music. We have the technicians in house to service, maintain, and set-up your instrument, whether its an alto sax or a 1/8 size cello. Have a problem with your instrument? bring it in and let us take a look at it. Mr. Music gives free repair estimates and you’ll find that our repair rates are extremely competitive.

Service, selection, and smiles. Stop by Mr. Music and let us win you over with our great selection, superior service, and our friendly, zero pressure shopping experience.


Mr. Music traces its history back to the early 1950’s when brothers Walt and Cliff Ostermeyer distributed records to stores throughout northeast Indiana. Operating under the name Midwest Distributors, they opened a retail storefront for their business in Decatur, Indiana. While small in size, Decatur was chosen due to its central location to all of the stores that they serviced. Cliff eventually left the business, and Walt continued on, expanding the business’ product mix by adding the Magnavox home electronics line. Now he could sell the equipment to play the records he sold.

As chance would have it, in the early 1960’s a local musical instrument store went out of business and Walt purchased their inventory. By the mid to late 1960’s the band instrument segment of the business had grown quite well. This was helped in part by Walt introducing the rent-to-own plan, the first of its kind in the area. However, while the band side of things was growing, the record and electronic area was becoming less and less profitable. It was time to focus on one part of the business, and Walt chose the band and orchestra side. It was at this time that Walt turned to the school class of on of his children to come up with a more appropriate name for the business. One of the kids submitted “Mr. Music”, and that is how we acquired our current name.

In 1977 Walt opened up a second location at 1313 E. State Street in Fort Wayne. It was a small store but it was a natural move since Fort Wayne was so much larger than Decatur. The recession of the late 70’s early 80’s brought a double whammy of bad news. Not only was the economy in the tank, in 1980 Mr. Music lost the lease on both of the buildings it occupied.

The search for a new location was on! Walt was determined to purchase a property this time around, and the former Sunoco service station at the corner of St. Joe River Drive and North Anthony was selected. Renovations to the building were made and in June 1981 Mr. Music formally opened its North Anthony location.
North Anthony Location

In 2001 Walt finally decided to retire. He sold the business to his son Dave, and Mr. Music continues on. The latest move for Mr. Music was in October 2007 when the North Anthony location was closed and the store moved to the growing northwest part of Fort Wayne. First settling in Dupont Village West near the corner of Dupont and Coldwater Roads and finally purchasing our own property at 10514 Coldwater Road, just 4 buildings north of Dupont Road.

We are still very much the small family owned music store of 3 or 4 decades ago, and while many new challenges face us that would have been the stuff of dreams 35 years ago (the internet, mega big box retailers), we feel it is the people that have kept Mr. Music alive and strong after all of these years. Over the years many have come and gone. Some of their names have been lost to time, but not their contributions. Some moved on to fame and fortune, others just “faded away”. Below is just a partial list of the people that have been at Mr. Music in our 50+ year history:

Paul Heiman, Deanie May, Nancy Henneman, Dan Shank, Helen Van Kirk, Marge Brown, Orv Ziegel, Jason Mowery, Jason Davis, Jason Arbogast, Gary Gerke, Todd Ramsey, Beth Cyr, Sandy Dubblede, Jim Cornell, Dan Jessup, Doug Hassel, Aidan Smith, Jack Flick, Anne Havener, Craig Dahlkamp, Ruth Teeple, Wess Maddox, Craig Stephan, Mark Moore, Connie Bumbuc, Lindsey Smith, Abbey McQueen, Kelly Berglan, Karen Moore, Steve Vandre, Brandon Green, Paul Ladd, Jamie Simon, Bill Hernandez, Pat Burlage, Jason O’Connell, Cherrita Tatnall, Dorothy Costello, Carey Cox, Amy Spangler, Christine Czuhayewski, Brenn Beck, Joe Evans, Ed Renz, Kent Steiner, Meghan Hofer, Karen Steiner, Jim Soracco, Brian Munoz, Micah Roddy,

Many thanks to all who have been a part of Mr. Music through the years.